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Gullivers Travels

Samuel Gulliver loves travelling and sailing.But he is in danger.The sea and wind are strong.The sea and wind break his ship.He is cold,tired,hungry and thirsty.He sees an island.He swims to it.He runs onto the beach and he sleeps there. Everybody in Lilliput sleeps.But the watchman doesnt sleep.He goes out in the cold and rain.He walks alone.The watchman is wet and unhappy.It is a very dark night and he is afraid.He walks.He falls down.He looks up.There are strange things around him.
The watchman sees a giant.He is afraid.He escapes.He looks back again.He is sure.It is a giant.
He runs to kings palace.But the guards stop him.
The king has visitors.They are signing a wedding contract.
the guards say to him.But the watchman runs past them into the meeting room.
There is a giant on the beach!? the watchman shouts.
Nobody listens to the watchman.
King Little and King Bombo sign a wedding contract.Because King Littles daugter Princess Glory is marrying King Bombos son Prince David.The watchman comes to palace. There is a giant on the beach the watchman shouts.Nobody listens to him.Then King Littles men carry presents.

King Littles daughter sings a song.The songs name is Faithful.This is the song of Lilliput.Then We will sing this song at the wedding tomorrow. says King Little. No,It must be Forever.Because this is the song of Blefesco.says King Bombo.
Then King Bombo is very angry. This is war says King Bombo.King Little is sad.Because this is war.The watchman comes to palace.The watchman talks to King Little.King Little dont listen to him.Then King Little listens to him. Go and find the giant King Little says to the watchman.
The watchman wakes up all the people of Lilliput. There is a giant on the beach.says the watchman.Nobody believes him.But four men come.Four men follow him.But they dont find a giant.
The floor starts to move.Because they stand on the giant.They escape and look at the beach.They dont laugh,they are afraid.

Everybody sees the giant.Everybody believes him.
The watchman is happy.Because everybody listens to him.The people of Lilliput pull the giant to the centre of the city.
Then King Little sees the giant.He is afraid and he escapes to palace.Then the people of Lilliput look in Gullivers pockets.They find a watch and a gun.They try to move the gun.But they drop it.It fires.Gulliver wakes up.Everybody escapes.The people of Lilliput are afraid.The king is afraid.Gulliver sees the watchman.He catchs the watchman.The watchman is very afraid.The watchman thinks that the giant wants to eat him.But the giant dont eat the watchman.The king sees the giant.They talk.Then King Little wants to kill the giant.He calls the guards.They want to kill the giant.Gulliver isnt afraid.Because they are very small. But the guards dont kill him.Because King Bombos ships attack to King Littles palace.Then King Bombos soldiers see the giant.They are afraid.They escape. King Bombo doesnt want to escape.But King Bombo escapes.King Little wins the war.Everybody loves Gulliver.Because Gulliver stops the war.
The people of Lilliput have a party for Gulliver.They thank him.
King Bombo is very angry.Then King Bombo sends a message to his spies in Lilliput.King Bombos message comes to spies.They read the message.The message says Kill the giant! The spies have an idea.The spies can use Gullivers gun.Then the spies work with his gun.Gulliver comes near to their house.The spies are very afraid.Then a fire starts in their house.Gulliver sees the fire.He stops the fire.Gulliver doesnt know them.Because they are spies.They want to kill Gulliver.

David and Glory meet in the palace.The watchman hears Davidsong.The watchman thinks that only a spy can sing Blefescos song.The watchman shouts to the guards.The guards fight David.Gulliver picks David up.The guards dont see Gulliver.Then the watchman says somethings to Glory.Then Gulliver picks Glory up.The spies are ready.Because they want to kill Gulliver.
A message comes from the spies to King Bombo.The message says We can win the war.King Bombo writes a message.He gives the message to the message bird.The message bird comes to Lilliput.The bird is tired.The watchman sees the message bird.He catchs it.The watchman reads the King Bombos message.The message says Bombo is coming at eight. The watchman tells the people of Lilliput.The people are ready for war.
The watchman looks for Gulliver.Then he finds Gulliver.Because Gulliver can win the war.Gulliver goes to the beach.The spies catch the watchman and take the King Bombos message.King Bombos men shoot at Gulliver.Then Glory and David see the spies.The gun is ready.David jumps on the gun.Gulliver doesnt die.David dies.The war stops.Gulliver picks him up.Gulliver shouts the people.
The people are very sad.Gulliver says somethings to people.
Then Glory sings her song.David doesnt die.He sings his song.They sing together their songs.Everbody is very happy.Because the war stops.Gulliver likes the people of Lilliput,but he wants to travel to many places.Because Gulliver is a sailor and traveller.Then Gulliver leaves from Lilliput.The Kings are friends.Gulliver doesnt forget the people of Lilliput.
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