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İngilizce Atatürk'ün Gençliğe Hitabesi

İngilizce Atatürk'ün Gençliğe Hitabesi ,Atatürk'ün Türk Gençliğine Hitabesi


O Turkish youth! Your primary duty is to forever protect and defend the Turkish Independence and Turkish Republic.
This is the sole principle of your existence and your future. This principle is your most valuable treasure. Even in the future, there will be internal and external enemies who will want to deprive you of this treasure. If one day, you find yourself compelled to defend your independence and the Republic, you shall not take in consideration the possiblities and conditions of the situation in which you will find yourself, in order to attack your mission. These possibilities and conditions may appear in a very unfavorable nature. The adversaries who will scheme against your independence and the Republic may be the representitives of a victory unprecedented in the entire world. It is possible that by force or ruse, all the fortresses of the beloved country might be captured, all the shipyards entered, all the armies dispersed, and every corner of the country actually occupied. Even more grievous and grave than all these conditions, those who hold power within the country may have fallen in gross carelessness, blunder, even treason. Moreover, these holders of power may have united their personal interests, with the political ambitions of the invaders. The nation may have fallen into utter poverty and may have become exhausted and ruined.

O sons and daughters of future Turkish generations! Even under such circumstances and conditions, it is your duty to save the Turkish Independence and Republic. The strength that you will need is present in the noble blood that flows in your veins