PHP Download Extreme is an advanced download archive system written in PHP and using 1 mysql database.

The most advanced download archive of its kind allow for you to run a script archive like all the big sites do. This software was written with more options and features than even the hotscripts site.

User can add/edit and delete listings
Vote, review/comment, report
private message center

Admin can control every aspect of this archive and cam set the listings to list automatically or have them approved by the admin before going live. You can add your google ads, paid banners, links, etc.

Each user or webmaster will have his/her own account where they can take care of their listing and keep them current. There are literally hundreds of options and features built into this archive script.

You can also change the look and feel of the site using the included templates folder and your favorite html editor.

Software comes populated with over 1,500 categories already installed. All you have to do is add your database settings and your ready for a live site.
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