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İngilizce Biyografi Örneği
My name is Menice and surname İs Selen!
I want to introduce me and my family to you!
I’m 14 years old and my lenght is 159 cm.
I was born at 1984 in komurtas village and I’m living same village.
My fahter is a farmer and my mother is housewife.I have 3 brothers too.I love my family and they love me too.I’m a student and I’m going to primary school.My favorite lessons are turkish gramer and mathematics.I want to succesfull all my lessons but I’m not succesfull.İf I had a studying room I may be succesfull.I‘m watching tv and reading stories After my lessons.I watch tv but I don’t like movies.Especially I’m reading Quran too.

İngilizce Biyografi Örneği
My name is Yeliz Kara. I was born in Konya at the 22th of january in 1991. I’ve completed my primary and elementary education at Mareşal Musatafa Kemal primary school. And now I’m studying at Selçuklu Anatolian Teacher Highschool.
I have a simple family which has 5 people. My father’s name is Bora , my mother’s name is Gül and my brothers’(sisters’) names are Hakan and Ege. My father is an accounter. And my mother is a teacher. I’m the oldest one in my brothers. My brother name is xxx who is studying at mustafa öten primary school.
After I’ve finished my school. I want to Başkent university for taking business management education. Because that university has brilliant and successfull students. And A person who is graduated from this university , has a chance aganist unemployment.
I like using computer , watching TV and reading books in my free time. I’m currently reading a book which includes detective and action stories, from TESS GERRITSEN called “apprentice”. And my favorite TV show is South Park.